I began Velveteen Babies as a self fulfillment project at the very beginning of 2014. Instagram was a different place back then, and I found a community of like minded Mothers on there who also loved design.


Between us we’d discover new and exciting brands from America and Australia, but there didn’t seem to be much coming out of the U.K at that time- hard to believe but there were only a couple of companies making and selling patterned baby leggings at that time- now that market is well and truly saturated!

I noticed a gap in the market for children’s design room decoration- there were small businesses making all the stereotypical children’s ‘themes’ in bunting ( Zoo animals, trains, cars, etc etc) but nothing with a more contemporary and design friendly aesthetic that would also appeal to parents and children alike using more neutral colour palettes and reflecting emerging trends in children’s room design.


So Velveteen Babies was born, and I began writing this kids design blog in tandem with my making because I wanted to share children’s design businesses other than mine that I discovered along the way as well as my own. It’s now paved the way for me to be fully self employed and completely give up working for someone else. Being a full time working Mother of three is challenging, but it also does mean that I no longer miss sports days, and their milestones.

I have just as much passion for children’s design as I did back then although the market is a very different place than it was in 2014. It’s still exciting to work on new ideas and watch for new and emerging trends.



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