Velveteen Babies

Velveteen Babies

Velveteen Babies.

Our story began back in 2014 and continues to grow and grow.

We aim to marry stylish contemporary living with products that have a design aesthetic that appeal to children.

Velveteen Babies

We are a British based design led small business.

Our aim to produce the finest heirloom craftsmanship in bringing our designs to life creating each order by hand.

They are made to an original design and concept that I’ve spent many hours creating, based on current trends in children’s design.

I regularly style and feature other children’s design brands and love to collaborate with them in our kidsdesign blog, the link to which which you’ll find above.

 We heart brands which complement ours to use in our styling features in our blog and across our social media feeds. Head to our contact page to get in touch as we love collaborating with other inspiring forward thinking kids brands through our well trafficked media channels.

Velveteen Babies

You’ll find our online shop at

Due to the time consuming work that we put into our beautiful products, we regret that we do not operate on a wholesale basis and only sell our current product range in our own e-shop.

velveteen babies  Tobias and the Bear
Our recent collaboration with Tobias and the Bear

*All our original designs and ideas are created and owned by Velveteen Babies and may not be replicated or copied. Sadly there has been a recent spate of copycats emulating my business and many of my garland ideas. You will only find our original beautifully crafted products in our Shopify E-shop.*

Velveteen Babies
One of our heirloom nursery mobile designs