Autumn Baby Fashion with Roses and the Stars

Roses and the stars
Roses and the Stars Autumn Style

Autumn is categorically my favourite time of year for fashion for children, because it means that I am able to dress Willa top to toe in knits and texture.

When Rosie Jones from Roses and the Stars got in touch, I was so excited. She is the owner of real life treasure trove Roses and the Stars, an online boutique that I’d been following for a while through Instagram and it was so much fun to create some warm, autumnal looks for little Willa which were all from Rosie’s wonderful shop.

roses and the stars
Willa wears Waddler knitted top, and mustard cord bloomers by Olivier Baby, all from Roses and the Stars.

Whether through using organic materials, working to promote third world cottage industry or the use of local supply chain, Roses and the Stars source premium products which don’t weigh down on your conscience.

Rosie stocks some of my favourite brands such as Waddler and Olivier Baby, and Knot, which has some really useful, quality wardrobe staples. Many of the pieces can be mixed and matched easily and the colours are autumnal and rich.

Donsje shoes at Roses and the Stars
Those darling Donsje shoes- all warm and fluffy on the inside. From Roses and the Stars.

We all fell in love with these little Donsje shoes- Each pair of shoes is designed to keep feet well protected, and with space to move freely so that baby’s feet can develop safely in preparation for their first wobbly steps.

As well as being off the scale on the cute-o-meter with their animal hats and fluffy shoes, Donsje designs with a conscience. As well as owning their own factory and taking responsibility for the lives of their team in Indonesia, founder Floor and her husband Skief also set up the Shining Star School in Kenya. This charity was created in 2010 to provide nursery schooling and free meals to some of Nairobi’s slum children. We love it when successful companies decide to give something back and break away from our take, take, take society.

Roses and the Stars
The most beautiful Liberty print classic dress in Blackberry by Question Everything. It comes with matching bloomers.

The most perfect, smocked dress for Christmas and parties comes from brand Question Everything from Rosie’s collection at Roses and the Stars and comes in size 6-9 months to 2-3 years with lovely matching bloomers and an adjustable waist tie. I’ve styled Willa in it with ribbed mustard tights and those gorgeous Donsje shoes.

Roses and the stars
In love with this knitted hat from Olivier Baby at Roses and the Stars.


Roses and the Stars
Playing out. Willa wears blouse and bloomers by Olivier Baby, shoes by Donjse all at Roses and the Stars, and Barney wears Pierrot knit by Waddler again, from Roses and the Stars.

Knitted pieces by Waddler look and feel amazing. They are handmade in Bolivia from 100% pure Alpaca wool which makes them so comfortable and super soft.

 It’s Luxurious Softness, incredible warmth and rich colours of Alpaca enthralled the creators of Waddler, and inspired the creation of their knitwear pieces. In travels to Bolivia they learned the story of Alpaca, how it was once the clothing of Inca Kings and of how the skills needed to spin and knit it have been handed down over generations.

The family who created Waddler as a brand ensure their knitters are paid three times the minimum wage and they have already seen the results of this ethical pay scheme. Even the alpacas themselves contribute to being one of the planets most eco friendly agricultural animals. Low impact soft feet protect fragile ecosystems and they don’t over graze like sheep or goats.

Rosie’s commitment to buying in ethical brands is really impressive and it’s so good to know that each of her beautiful brands is responsibly sourced, so that you can buy lovely things with a clear conscience.

Find all the pieces over at Roses and the Stars, and many other treasures too.

Roses and the Stars
Snuggles in soft and warm Waddler knit from Roses and the Stars and Willa’s boots are by Donsje also at Roses and the Stars.
Roses and the Stars childrens fashion
Some of my Autumn fashion essentials from Roses and the Stars. Denim bloomers by Knot £25, Mustard needlecord bloomers by Olivier Baby £39, Rainbow knit by Waddler £66, Pierrot knit by Waddler £70 and those Donsje shoes £40, all from Roses and the Stars.
roses and the stars
Question Everything dress from Roses and the Stars


Roses and the Stars
Gorgeous collar vest by Knot, knit trousers by Waddler and booties by Donsje all at Roses and the Stars.
Roses and the Stars
Romantic vintage style with blouse by Olivier Baby , bloomers by Knot and Donsje shoes, all from Roses and the Stars.


With kind thanks to Rosie Jones for sending us these outfits to try on, and we are delighted to keep a couple of them. Visit Roses and the Stars for more beautiful clothing and lots of lovely gift ideas, including Camomile London, Polka Dot Club and many more.


Hello Halloween

We have been preparing for the spooky season this week and the boys have been choosing their costumes ready for Halloween.

velveteen-babies-halloweenIts so hard to find semi stylish Halloween on the High Street, many costumes are heavily gendered and most, quite frankly look a bit naff. On my obsessive hunt for a selection of the best Halloween costumes for children, my travels took me to Smallable, who has the nicest Halloween costume offering that I’ve found, that aren’t tacky or gendered.

halloween costume
Bat set by Numero 74 £41, Magician Hat by Mouche £25, Bat Cape £17, Magician hat £14, Spider reversible set £27, Pierrot cape £48 all from Smallable.

Capes are a really easy and great way to create a Halloween costume that can also be used through the year in a dressing up box, and they are less restrictive and can grow with your child. The ones I found at Smallable are all really gorgeous, and I’d also suggest visiting Fable Heart for hooded, velvet and glitter versions (and crowns and wands to coordinate).

I’ve ordered a glitter wand from Fable Heart for my youngest as we already own a glitter cape and various sparkly crowns from them, and they are all really magical.

Fable Heart for magical dress up.

The boys love to play games and the perfect solution to a cold, dark autumnal afternoon are these games we’ve discovered by Djeco.

djeco halloween
Djeco Toys Monster Ghost game


The Monster Ghost game, Mistiboo! game and BOGOSS game will be enjoyed all year round, but are especially perfect for Halloween play. Each game comes with easy to follow instructions and are robust enough to withstand lots of play!

My boys love the Mistiboo! card game which is phosphorescent and glows in the dark, and is simple enough for them to play together.

bogoss game
Djeco BOGOSS game, where you piece a skeleton together.


Another really fun couple of ideas to entertain the kids are creating a creepy shadow puppet theatre, and I love this one by Moulin Roty available from Smallable.

Its also glow in the dark so will be really fun to play with now that the nights are drawing in and the kids can use their imaginations to create spooky stories told by torchlight.

smallable halloween
Moulin Roty shadow puppets from Smallable.


We also love a spooky story for bedtime, not too scary though! Here’s some of our favourite Halloween book choices, tried and tested by my bunch.

top 5 Halloween childrens books
Our top 5 Halloween children’s books.


  1. The Spider and the Fly by Tony DiTerlizzi ( The illustrations are based on Hollywood horror movies of the 1920’s and its suitable macabre theme appeals to my children. It’s based on the classic cautionary tale by Mary Howitt and is suitably creepy.
  2. Vunce upon a Time by J.Otto Seibold and Siobhan Vivian (Chronicle Books) follows the tale of Dagmar the vegetarian vampire! The illustrations are really appealing and fun, and this story is more suitable for age 6+ as its a longer tale, and it is quite American in its wording in parts.
  3. The Dark by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen (Orchard Books) is the story about Laszlo anf how he stopped being afraid of the dark. The eerie illustrations by Jon Klassen make the story jump to live, but my youngest was a little bit unsure in parts!
  4. No Such Thing by Ella Bailey (Flying Eye Books) is my children’s absolute favourite. It’s beautifully illustrated and a fun tale about Georgia, who notices funny goings-ons in her home.
  5. Funnybones by Janet and Alan Ahlberg (Puffin Books) Children’s classic, and beloved by my two.

Books I’ve ordered for 2017

6. How to Make Friends With a Ghost by Rebecca Green (Tundra) is a picture book guide book for anyone lucky enough to meet a ghost!

7. The Grotlyn by Benji Davies (Harper Collins) is by the best selling author of The Stormwhale and Grandad’s Island. This book is all about the mysterious Grotlyn, what sort of creature it could be, scuttling across town and frightening everyone in its path…

halloween book suggestions
New children’s books for Halloween and beyond… 2017


piupia baby velveteen babies


Getting toasty with Tobias and the Bear

Its officially Autumn in our neck of the woods up in Yorkshire, and with the change of season upon us, I’ve been baking up a storm (of icing sugar) in the kitchen with my middlest, Barney.


Each Saturday now, my husband Chris takes our eldest boy Felix, to football training, so myself and Barney get to have some time together. He’s big into projects and loves baking, so we often treat ourselves to kits from BKD London so that we can spend a couple of hours creating something delicious, especially if the weather is being unpredictable. It’s a bit of a life saver for saving us from cabin fever and is easy to do, especially as we have an active one year old crawling about whilst we attempt to do our baking!

BKD London

Barney got all cosy in his new sweatshirt and joggers today from the new Toasty range by Tobias and the Bear. He adores a rare treat of a hot chocolate so loved the cheeky design of them. He now goes to nursery most days through the week and I’m pretty sure he’ll insist on wearing them as often as he can, judging by how much he loves our other Tobias and the Bear pieces which wash and wear beautifully.


We whipped out the cocoa and the cream and treat ourselves to a cosy mug full each, complete with marshmallows as there’s an autumnal chill in the air today, (not that we needed an excuse). It’s a very rare treat for Barney!

BKD London

Today we are tackled a ‘Little Monster’ cupcake baking kit from BKD which contains everything you need apart from butter and two eggs- which fortunately I cobbled together from our kitchen. I bought a few kits to bring out over the autumn/winter months and spurred on by Bake Off we made a big mess and put together the ingredients.

BKD London

We’ve had such a lovely cosy morning together, and it’s been so much fun to have some quality time away from my work, just focused on Barney.

I get all the guilty Mum feels through the week as I work full time on Velveteen Babies, so being able to do something special at the weekend with the children means so much. When the weather isn’t the best it can be tricky to know how to keep him entertained for a few hours, but baking is something we can both enjoy doing together.

Tobias and the Bear

Tobias and the Bear

And just incase you were wondering… the cupcakes turned out ok!

Barney loved creating the eyes and mouths from the fondant provided and helping me squeeze the hairy buttercream icing onto the tops of the cupcakes.

It was all super easy to do together, though as he’s only three I did have to do some aspects myself. He is feeling proud as punch at what he’s achieved, and they taste pretty delicious too. Hurrah!

Find our adventures with our outdoor mud kitchen in a previous post here.

Coral and Barney x

BKD London

With thanks to Tobias and the Bear for sending us a sweatshirt and joggers from their new Toasty range.

BKD sets were purchased with our own money and all opinions are our own.

Kitchen Aid

Hot chocolate

Mini Sibling 

There’s a new kid on the block. Introducing Mini Sibling, a new little sister brand to one of our favourite ever kids wear brands, Beau Loves which has just landed at Hip Little People.

Created by designer Faye White for her youngest son Knox, Mini Sibling is a contemporary baby and toddler collection with a unisex and ultra modern palette of backs, greys and nudes.

It’s so positive to see Mini Sibling as a new emerging brand that is completely gender neutral and full of quality, timeless pieces which are easily mixed and matched to create a little capsule wardrobe.

I really love how contemporary the range is, incorporating all the current trends in baby fashion such as knit, texture, grey and ribbed tights- all my favourite aspects and what I look for when sourcing stylish bay clothes for Willa.

Mini-siblingThe new Mini Sibling collection is the easiest to coordinate, and is all made from softest cotton knit, cotton jersey and fleece. These grey knit bloomers are a staple piece which will go with just about anything for small people of both genders. They have lots of tiny detail such as an embroidered logo and a knitted tie detail, and will wash and wear beautifully. I’ve teamed our pair up with the nude ribbed tights which are the most perfect colour, all available online at Hip Little People.

Mini Sibling

There is lots of moveabililty in the Mini Sibling collection which makes it perfect for little ones, Willa is now two weeks away from her first Birthday and is incredibly wriggly, crawling and pulling herself up, and all the pieces allow her to move freely and in comfort. Life is a big adventure!

They have also survived the wash and wear test too- each piece has washed beautifully and dried on an airer fairly quickly- I’ve got a few premium knit wear pieces in Willa’s wardrobe that seem to take forever to dry which can be a nightmare! Luckily they all pass my functionality test with flying colours.

This time a year ago I was in full nesting mode, and collecting up a very marvellous baby stash ready for our impending arrival, and the Mini Sibling range would have been on my purchase list- bonus that if you are unsure of the gender of baby, all the pieces are completely perfect for either.

Willa wears the Mini Sibling reversible sweater/cardigan in black and grey stripes. I love the versatility of this piece, and it’s super soft and is true to size- Willa wears 12-18 months which has room for her to grow, but the sleeves are nicely designed so they fit well and can be rolled back.

Hip Little People has a great offering for Mini Sibling and it’s big brother brand Beau Loves, perfect for coordinating siblings without being too match yet-matchy. There’s a few other styles that I’m coveting too; the cutest little black pixie hat and knitted grey overalls with eye embroidery.

Mini sibling
Thanks to Hip Little People for sending us some pieces from the collection.


Sleeping Lions 

Velveteen Babies
When we got a message from the lovely people at sebandcharliedesign we were instant fans. They are doing something mega great which is launching their ‘ Let’s play sleeping lions’ print, and £10 from every sale goes to either the NSPCC or WWF depending on your preference and its limited edition, just 50 available so it’s not going to be about for long.

The Scandi styling of the print is instantly compatible with our kids room, is completely gender neutral and features plenty of colour to keep the children happy. It’s beautifully printed onto a high quality thick linen card and is standard 50x70cm poster size- we just used a white IKEA frame, but you can also order the print pre-framed to make things easy.

Get yours pronto from and check it out in our own boys shared room in the captures below.

Seb and Charlie
velveteen babies

velveteen babiesVelveteen Babiesvelveteen babiesvelveteen babiesvelveteen babies
Print by Seb + Charlie, Wall hanging by Penny Clare Makes, Star light by Gingerrock Designs, Elephant from Mini Eden UK, Rug by OY OY at Monkey Mcoy, Yellow blanket by Mama Designs, Bedding from Beau Loves, room accessories from a selection at Molly Meg,, and Scout and Co. Kids, Toadstool light ‘Bubble’ by Tulipop World.

For Little Treasures…

When I first created Velveteen Babies, I began following a magical blog, full of the nicest kids-design discoveries, brands and shops that I immediately had to go and browse. This blog was called Bobby Rabbit and it was full of little treasures (including a post on Velveteen Babies!)

Nikki of Bobby Rabbit has, for the last year, turned her passion for all things kids-design  into an appealing and stylish online shop full of many of the beautiful and unique things that Nikki had been discovering along the way.

We are big fans of the Bobby Rabbit shop and have been pulling together a gift guide below with some of our favourite treasures, many of which we are lucky to have in our own home.


One of Bobby Rabbit’s bestselling brands are the incredible Playforever cars. These art toys are one of my personal favorites and we have some squirreled away for my Son’s birthday which is coming up. The quality, workmanship and size makes them something to play with, but also to treasure forever. They also make a perfect gift for any vehicle loving child (or grown-up!). They are designed in the U.K and of the most exceptional quality.

Here’s our edit of all things bright and beautiful :

OYOY Playmat £39, Playforever vehicles from £25,Dinosaurs from £8, crochet fox £30, tugboat £15, rainbow case £10, CARS storage sack £10, blocks £25 and print £15.

Bobby Rabbit has a fantastic mix of quality interior decor, toys and gifts, all carefully considered and lovingly curated.

Baby Gift Edit:

Moon Musical Cushion £38, Mini Mause £22, Baby Bear book £8.99, Little Master Dickens book £6,  Sleepy Bunny £22, Shape Sorter £35 and Fish Cushion £30

Pastel Gift Edit:

Cat doll £48, Unicorn Hanger £25, Print £50, Unicorn cushion £28, Hop Bunny £35, Fable Heart Crown £25, Bunny toy £16, Woodland Doll £16, Blanche Doll £20


Nikki takes such care in sourcing her stock, and one of the lovely little items she sells is the sleepy bunny. They are available in a soft pink or in grey and are £22. They are extra special because they are lovingly created in Turkey by a community of mothers- women who live in the outskirts of Istanbul and who, in many cases have no other means of making an income for their families. These bunnies are made from the softest organic yarn which is GOTS certified and they are suitable from birth.

Find them and so much more at

Velveteen Babies
Bobby Rabbit
There’s our sleepy bunny at home and our Bunny Princess by Bunniclub also from Bobby Rabbit.

We Love Frankie 

There’s an exciting new range of kids bedding in town, (well, online) and it’s got all the sartorial features we want for our children’s room. Launched by Johanna Franks through her emporium with only kids in mind, this new range appeals to our small people but also keeps design loving big people equally happy.

velveteen babies
‘Good Vibes’ monochrome duvet set

Felix and Barney are my reliable product enthusiasts and they definitely get a massive thumbs up from them. Made from 100% super soft cotton and designed in the UK, they are kind on the small ones skin and feel luxe.

Felix’s favourite is the super colourful and fun Junk Food Deluxe set which has enough bright rainbowy goodness and tongue in cheek humourous illustration to satisfy every kid. We styled it up with monochrome and pops of colour.

velveteen babies
Colour poppin’ Junk Food Deluxe bedding
velveteen babies
Monochrome ‘Good Vibes’ set
velveteen babies
‘Good Vibes’ bedding

Suppliers: ‘peace’ sign print by Wonder and Rah, Smiley face print by Pax and Hart, Garlands (Icecreams and droplets) by Velveteen Babies, Panda cases by VandC Designs, wood rainbow by Grimms Toys, Masks by Hay at StudioNL, Rainbow cases, sleepy eyes and doughnut cushion from, festoon lights from Lights For Fun, Toadstool Light by Tulipop World, Russian dolls and monochrome cloud cushion from This Modern Life.

Check out for these beautiful bed sets, matching lampshades and other interior accessories.


Smallprint Books 

smallprint books
‘ Oh please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookshelf on wall.’ – Roald Dahl.

Ok, so we have to compromise, and we do have a TV, but books are a massive part of the boy’s childhood.

I’ve always been passionate about finding beautiful books, with elements of design which marry with entertaining and spell binding content.

I was brought up with some beautiful books which I still treasure, and I wanted my children to also learn the joy of reading, listening, and allowing their imagination to take them to magical places.

smallprint books

Fortunately we stumbled across Smallprint books through Instagram. I’m a fierce advocate of ‘Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself’ – George Bernard Shaw. As we believe fiercely in marrying great design with delighting children, Smallprint Books has exactly the same ethos.

The website is easy to navigate, and we found the age appropriate sections particularly helpful.

Smallprint books
Each of the titles on our bookshelves can be found at smallprint books.

Books are easy to chose based on clear pictures and descriptions and one of our first (and most treasured books by Felix) was Pierre and the Maze Detective by Hiro  Kamigaki + IC4Design. The book features 15 full spread intricate illustrations of intricate, magical mazes. It keeps Felix fascinated for ages and he loves discovering things when he sits and reads it with his dad.

We love it so much that we’ve also bought it as a gift for one of our friends. Smallprint (very convieniently) offer a gift wrap service which made it easy as we were on holiday when I needed a present fix!


Recently, we ordered a couple of new books and were sent Mamoko which is a different concept for a kids book- which has gone down an absolute storm.

Mamoko is a book without words, where the reader (generally my five year old) becomes the story teller. At the beginning of the book, there is a description of all the characters which can be spotted and followed on each page, each doing funny or nutty things.

Felix absolutely loves choosing a character to follow and making up his own version of what they are up to. As a parent I love hearing his stories and seeing how absorbed he is when he’s looking at the beautiful and bright illustrations.

It’s a hit with my husband too and they both enjoy looking at it together and choosing their favourite character to follow (there’s a whole page full so always someone or something new to follow or find).

smallprint books

It’s even popular with my two year old who loves flicking through the thick pages and looking at all the illustrations!

All of the books you see on our white shelves in the boy’s room are available from Smallprint online and there’s a 10% discount when you sign up for their newsletter.

Visit to take a look and discover some magical books your children (and you) won’t want to put down.

For the love of Liberty

Velveteen Babies Liberty  garland
Our new cloud garland in Liberty Poppy and daisy print hung on grey ribbon with gold blanket stitch

Liberty prints are heavily influencing the world of children’s clothing and interiors, so

I wanted to bring you my round up of all the Liberty print finds in kids design. Classic Liberty print is reaching all facets of children’s interiors and clothing and I can see no sign of this trend abating. Mixing Liberty print with other natural materials such as linen and pure wool is ideal for creating a classic, timeless children’s comfort space.

The Tipi
Liberty Emma and Georgina print eiderdown. From The Tipi £47. 65×95 cm and backed with cotton percale

I have found beautiful bedding from Coco and Wolf and also a high street buy from La Redoute. Both look best teamed with different textures and layers, rather than ‘matchy matchy’. Coco and Wolf with Little B have some beautiful swan cushions and pillowcases so if you just wanted to update existing bedding with a few touches of print, then this would work really well. Also notable from Coco and Wolf with little B are the changing mat covers In a choice of fabrics.

Coco and Wolf with little B.
Swan cushion from the Little B range by Coco and Wolf.
La Redoute bed set
Liberty Print bedset from La Redoute

Other innovative ways to bring a touch of print to your nursery or children’s interior are the lovely name wire signs from Little Cloud. These pretty name signs would look adorable hung above a bed head or on a shelf. I’m going to treat the baby to one nearer the time. Also from Little Cloud are the lovely moon wall hangings, they would look perfect in a child’s room with one of our Liberty collection garlands, it’s perfect to mix and match prints as long as the base colours are soft and neutral.

Little Cloud also have a great range of cushions, hair clips and crowns by the amazing Fable Heart and delivery is free within the U.K.

Little Cloud
Pretty Moon wall hanging by Little Cloud
Little Cloud
lovely Liberty name signs from Little Cloud
Velveteen Babies Liberty Collection
Velveteen Babies Betsy Cloud garland. The raffia bag is from The Tipi and all moccasins throughout are by Wolfie and Willow.

I’ve also fallen in love with many small businesses producing the most lovely Liberty print baby clothing.

My most recent find is Olivier Baby who have a sweet selection of rompers, bloomers, dresses and tops in a choice of prints and linens with accessories such as ribbed tights and knitted bonnets to complement the range. They have a flash sale on some of the range so take a peek!

Olivier Baby
Olivier Baby romper £39

Another favourite is Coco and Wolf

with a huge range of beautifully made children’s clothing encapsulating the very best of the Liberty print range.

We love the little bloomers and tie top summer suits, perfect for older babies with plenty of leg rolls!

Coco and Wolf
Coco and Wolf bloomers
Coco and Wolf
Betsy romper £42 Coco and Wolf

Bonnets are also crucial to Bebe styling too. I’ve already bought a smal stash from Briar Handmade (from Mama Owl in the U.K)  and they come in a wide range of colours, prints and sizes to suit all little heads.

Briar Handmade
Briar Handmade Bonnets

Also noteworthy are the sweet bonnets and appliqué baby vests and T-shirts from Magnificent Stanley. This UK small business is run by Becky who handcrafts each item from her studio in Lewes, East Sussex.

Magnificent Stanley
bonnets and tees from Magnificent Stanley

Finally, for a seriously budget friendly take on Liberty print, head to Uniqlo where they have a limited edition Liberty X Uniqlo collection. Girls dresses are from £9.90 and double baby vest sets just £7.90. There are styles for both sexes and also a women’s collection.

Liberty X Uniqlo
Liberty X Uniqlo baby vests

Below you’ll find a few more preview pictures of our new Velveteen Babies does Liberty collection. The garland styles will also be available in the other prints, and will launch in my Etsy shop on the 30th July. There will be limited quantities of each design and print so keep an eye out for our launch announcement.

Velveteen Babies
Velveteen Babies does Liberty Poppy and Daisy bunny garland . Bunnies have gold thread french knot eyes and are blanket stitched round inanyique gold thread.
Velveteen Babies does Liberty
Velveteen Babies does Liberty Betsy Star garland
Velveteen Babies does Liberty
Velveteen Babies does Liberty Poppy and Daisy cloud garland
Velveteen Babies does Liberty
Velveteen Babies does Liberty Betsy cloud garland
Velveteen Babies does Liberty.
Velveteen Babies does Liberty Betsy drops garland.