Autumn Baby Fashion with Roses and the Stars

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Roses and the stars

Roses and the Stars Autumn Style

Autumn is categorically my favourite time of year for fashion for children, because it means that I am able to dress Willa top to toe in knits and texture.

When Rosie Jones from Roses and the Stars got in touch, I was so excited. She is the owner of real life treasure trove Roses and the Stars, an online boutique that I’d been following for a while through Instagram and it was so much fun to create some warm, autumnal looks for little Willa which were all from Rosie’s wonderful shop.

roses and the stars

Willa wears Waddler knitted top, and mustard cord bloomers by Olivier Baby, all from Roses and the Stars.

Whether through using organic materials, working to promote third world cottage industry or the use of local supply chain, Roses and the Stars source premium products which don’t weigh down on your conscience.

Rosie stocks some of my favourite brands such as Waddler and Olivier Baby, and Knot, which has some really useful, quality wardrobe staples. Many of the pieces can be mixed and matched easily and the colours are autumnal and rich.

Donsje shoes at Roses and the Stars

Those darling Donsje shoes- all warm and fluffy on the inside. From Roses and the Stars.

We all fell in love with these little Donsje shoes- Each pair of shoes is designed to keep feet well protected, and with space to move freely so that baby’s feet can develop safely in preparation for their first wobbly steps.

As well as being off the scale on the cute-o-meter with their animal hats and fluffy shoes, Donsje designs with a conscience. As well as owning their own factory and taking responsibility for the lives of their team in Indonesia, founder Floor and her husband Skief also set up the Shining Star School in Kenya. This charity was created in 2010 to provide nursery schooling and free meals to some of Nairobi’s slum children. We love it when successful companies decide to give something back and break away from our take, take, take society.

Roses and the Stars

The most beautiful Liberty print classic dress in Blackberry by Question Everything. It comes with matching bloomers.

The most perfect, smocked dress for Christmas and parties comes from brand Question Everything from Rosie’s collection at Roses and the Stars and comes in size 6-9 months to 2-3 years with lovely matching bloomers and an adjustable waist tie. I’ve styled Willa in it with ribbed mustard tights and those gorgeous Donsje shoes.

Roses and the stars

In love with this knitted hat from Olivier Baby at Roses and the Stars.


Roses and the Stars

Playing out. Willa wears blouse and bloomers by Olivier Baby, shoes by Donjse all at Roses and the Stars, and Barney wears Pierrot knit by Waddler again, from Roses and the Stars.

Knitted pieces by Waddler look and feel amazing. They are handmade in Bolivia from 100% pure Alpaca wool which makes them so comfortable and super soft.

 It’s Luxurious Softness, incredible warmth and rich colours of Alpaca enthralled the creators of Waddler, and inspired the creation of their knitwear pieces. In travels to Bolivia they learned the story of Alpaca, how it was once the clothing of Inca Kings and of how the skills needed to spin and knit it have been handed down over generations.

The family who created Waddler as a brand ensure their knitters are paid three times the minimum wage and they have already seen the results of this ethical pay scheme. Even the alpacas themselves contribute to being one of the planets most eco friendly agricultural animals. Low impact soft feet protect fragile ecosystems and they don’t over graze like sheep or goats.

Rosie’s commitment to buying in ethical brands is really impressive and it’s so good to know that each of her beautiful brands is responsibly sourced, so that you can buy lovely things with a clear conscience.

Find all the pieces over at Roses and the Stars, and many other treasures too.

Roses and the Stars

Snuggles in soft and warm Waddler knit from Roses and the Stars and Willa’s boots are by Donsje also at Roses and the Stars.

Roses and the Stars childrens fashion

Some of my Autumn fashion essentials from Roses and the Stars. Denim bloomers by Knot £25, Mustard needlecord bloomers by Olivier Baby £39, Rainbow knit by Waddler £66, Pierrot knit by Waddler £70 and those Donsje shoes £40, all from Roses and the Stars.

roses and the stars

Question Everything dress from Roses and the Stars


Roses and the Stars

Gorgeous collar vest by Knot, knit trousers by Waddler and booties by Donsje all at Roses and the Stars.

Roses and the Stars

Romantic vintage style with blouse by Olivier Baby , bloomers by Knot and Donsje shoes, all from Roses and the Stars.


With kind thanks to Rosie Jones for sending us these outfits to try on, and we are delighted to keep a couple of them. Visit Roses and the Stars for more beautiful clothing and lots of lovely gift ideas, including Camomile London, Polka Dot Club and many more.

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