Velveteen Babies in the [mud] kitchen.


We’ve been ever so busy behind the scenes at Velveteen Babies this summer. We moved house three weeks ago and have bought a 1960’s house in need of updating. This means exciting projects in the kids rooms which will come later (lots of before and after posts as I create their new spaces). One thing we were lacking in our old home was a garden and this was central to our reasons for moving. We now have an outside space also in need of some updating and identity, which will wait, but I wanted to encourage the children to use the garden in all seasons and have been researching outdoor play for some time now.

Plum-play-mud-kitchen-blog-velveteen-babiesWe now finally have an outdoor space to call our own and I was determined to squeeze a few weeks of summer play into the school holidays and develop our garden into a space for the whole family, so some of our first spending has been on outdoor dining and this mud kitchen for the children from Plum Play

My two eldest children (6 and 3) are both incredibly imaginative and love role play. They have grown up with a very green fingered grandfather so take an interest in the natural world and have grown tomatoes and sunflowers in his greenhouse, so I was keen to give them a space of their own to mash up rose petals, make potions and create a world of imagination in our garden.

Velveteen-BabiesWe now live two minutes from a protected park land so took a couple of trips to gather up as many treasures as we could to cook lots of delicious dinners in the kitchen with the children, rather than using tonnes of ‘actual’ mud!

The kitchen already comes with loads of great accessories included such as the wind chimes, and a whole pack of metal pots, pans and utensils, and there’s also a lovely set of little gardening tools which Barney used to help me plant some herbs (plants not included) and we have customised ours by adding bunting, outdoor battery lights (ours are from Lights 4 Fun ) and making a mobile from little pieces of driftwood we found at the beach. There’s scope to add even more of your own additions and make it unique to your own space, so I’m fairly sure ours will evolve over the next few years! We’ve not used them yet but it also comes with paint pens too.



So, shhhh, don’t tell everyone but you can use PLUMFRIENDS15 to receive 15% off your purchase, because a little bit of discount is always lovely.


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