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Velveteen Babies creates a calm new boys shared bedroom

Velveteen Babies boysroom
Pulling together serene accents, wood, linens and a nod to nature.


I’ve really moved away from a strong monochrome look and an overload of bright colours in kids interiors recently and have been discovering a love of muted interiors and natural accents as an alternative. My two boys are 6 and 3, and will be sharing a bedroom for a few years to come, so I wanted to create a scheme that will grow with them.

NoFred playmat
Colour inspiration and a little something for the floor- this playmat is by NoFred.

My scheme has largely been inspired by the boy’s love of the natural world, and colour inspiration from a Ferm Living fabric storage bag. I have sourced muted green linen bedding (a sale find from H+M!) and I’ve sourced a textured quilt eiderdown to cosy it up from Camomile London. The beds will be completed with a couple of teal and blue grey cushions by Numero 74.

Velvteen Babies blog
Muted greens and mixed textures create a cosy bed linen scheme. Eiderdown by Camomile London, bed set from H+M and cushions by Numero74.


I plan to keep the walls very light and neutral in a flat, matt colour, and add wall art in clusters. Our white ash string shelves will be hung so that the boys can display their treasures, and I’ve sourced some brilliant prints and object d’art for the walls.

Velveteen Babies blog
Soft textured drop garland by Velveteen Babies, metal wreath decoration by Fog Linen at Grey September Store, and forest print by Fashionell.

I don’t want the whole scheme to reflect just one colour, so prints, wall art and bunting are an easy way to create a broader, more flexible pallete across the room. By keeping furniture light wood, and floor covering neutral, it should be a flexible space that can be regularly updated for them both.

After an epic hunt for the bunting in the bottom left picture below from seeing it in a Pinterest post, I finally tracked it down from Maiuki, but the styles pictured with it from Numero74 and Fabelab are just as good for adding a few pops of tonal colour.

Muted bunting: Fabelab, Numero74, Maiuki

Follow our board on Pinterest for more inspiration and amerce yourself in more natural and muted kids room looks over there.


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