Storage for stylish families

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Storage is crucial. Crucial in a world filled with garish plastic, superhero figures, dinosaurs, Lego, long forgotten toys that everytime you reach to throw them in a charity bag, the kids suddenly take offence and insist on keeping. 

In a terrace house, we have to take a military approach to our toy storage as our playroom also happens to be our living room, and come 7pm, I definitely do not want to be sat looking at a pile of plastic, much less stepping on Lego bricks (ouch!) 

Here’s my round up of beautiful storage solutions for the home; 

1.  Olli Ella Belly bag £35 at This Modern Life

Practical and pretty, this basket has useful handles and pretty Pom Pom style.

2. Ferm Living medium storage bag £49

We have three different designs of the Ferm Living storage bags in our living room- completely durable with leather handles and super strong ( our Duplo collection resides in one of them!)  the prints and monochrome style of these is completely on point. Worth every penny. 
3. House Doctor storage bag, £12 Cissywears.

A budget friendly alternative to the Ferm Living (or in our case, we have both!) this storage bag is ideal for laundry and toys. They come in different designs and fold flat for ease of use and have well built handles.

4.  Storage paper bags by TellKiddo £13.50 approx from

There’s so many companies now producing paper bag storage that I could list a number of stores that have them, but I love the Monochrome Scandinavian style of the Tell Kiddo collection. Perfectly unisex. 
5. Hangers by My Red Hand Gang

I’ve long been a fan of Abi’s fun and original wooden hand painted hangers for kids, in a variety of colours and styles, and we own a few, kids love the,, and they make fabulous bedroom accessories too. 

Finally, check out the new issue of Gurgle magazine where myself and other mothers have been giving our storage ideas- here’s a sneak preview below.


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